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The AltEnts Children's Music Festival

The annual children's arts festival utilizes the organisations experience in multi-disciplinary arts programming over more than 30 years. The festival runs in June each year with workshops, recitals, exhibitions, screenings, readings, rehearsals, concerts & performances in schools, libraries, community centres, creches, shopping centres, Tallaght Hospital & RUA RED Arts Centre. 

c.40 artists interact with c.4,000 national school pupils exploring all aspects of the creative arts resulting in the production of music, dance, visual & literary works by the children. Extended projects are developed each year over a 6-8 week period up to festival week.

Schools, creches, RUA RED Arts Centre & libraries in Tallaght, Clondalkin, Rathfarnham, Celbridge, & Lucan host events. RUA RED & Tallaght Library are central hubs with four schools a day attending music, dance & visual arts workshops.

The festival events have been carefully selected in an effort to hone both intercultural and creative awareness, & to help in the critical development of artistic abilities form an early age. Additionally, the programme places participants in the special dual role of both performer and audience - a position that allows the children to explore their power to evaluate as well as create.

In 2016 the festival's focus changed and it became a music-based festival. Musicians, dancers, poets, film producers and storytellers worked with children to explore the many elements of music-making today.

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