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  Projects Tailor Made for All Musical Needs    

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AltEnts has supported and promoted young musicians since the early 80s. SubSounds is our latest initiative in this area. In 2009 our youth music project The South Dublin Rock School joined forces with South Dublin County Council's Arts Office and CONTACT Studio and became SubSounds. Since then our team of mentors has worked hundreds of young musicians, helping them hone their musical skills and guiding them toward possible study and career options in music. Click here to learn more and for details on upcoming applications and events.

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Des Carty was one of South County Dublin most important musicians and teachers. He was born in Tallaght and over the course of his long life made a major contribution to the traditional music scene in the area and outlying districts. He spent most of his life teaching fiddle, tin-whistle, banjo and mandolin. His dedication and efficacy as a teacher is still to be witnessed in the number of people playing and teaching music in the area to this day. The Des Carty Music School set up in his honour in 1997 continues his work in introducing students to the lifelong enjoyment and fulfillment that music can bring. Click here to for info on our next enrolments.

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The AltEnts Children's Music Festival runs in June each year with workshops, recitals, exhibitions, screenings, readings, rehearsals, concerts & performances in national schools, libraries, community centres, creches, shopping centres, Tallaght Hospital & RUA RED Arts Centre. The festival events have been carefully selected in an effort to hone both intercultural and creative awareness, & to help in the critical development of artistic abilities from an early age. Additionally, the programme places participants in the special dual role of both performer and audience - a position that allows the children to explore their power to evaluate as well as create. Click here to learn more and for details on upcoming events.

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The Des Carty Sessions is an annual traditional and folk music festival held in South County Dublin each October. Alternative Entertainments has been at the heart of a strong local traditional music scene since its inception and has programmed events to promote local musicians and to expose them to wider influences. In the 80s and 90s The Tallaght Traditional Music Seminar served this function, and since 2004 The Sessions has continued bringing the best Irish and world talent to the area. Click here for more on past festivals and what's coming in the future.

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Mickey McKenna was a great friend to Alternative Entertainments through the years. A fine musician he contributed to many AltEnts projects, particularly as a founding member of The Tallafornian Mandolin Band that graced many stages and festival around the country. The festival acknowledges and celebrates his life and music. Mickey was a teacher and performer and the festival continues his work with sessions in local schools, workshops in Trim library and performances featuring national and international musicians playing alongside local musicians from Trim and surrounding areas. Click here to find out more.

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